Aluminum and Wood Frames

  • ALL PRICES ARE FOR PAIRS. Two pairs make one complete frame.
  • For large quantities please call 1-800-334-9060.
  • Molding samples are available for 75¢ each.
  • Corner samples are available for $2.50 each unassembled and $3.50 each assembled.
  • All frames are custom cut to your specifications and therefore are non-refundable.

What does Chop Mean?

Chop or chop service is a term that means that you order the frame molding cut (mitered)by us, but not assembled. You order what you require to fit your glass, or mat, or art size. If you order a frame 16" by 20" you would receive two pieces of molding 16 1/8" and two pieces of molding 20 1/8" that would fit your glass, or mat, or art size of 16" by 20". The allowance of 1/8" inch is an industry standard. Please note that this is not the outside dimension of your completed piece. The outside dimensions would depend on the width of the molding chosen.

What does Length Mean?

Ordering length molding is a way to have inventory of frame molding that is not committed to a size. You would be required to cut (miter) the molding yourself. The price is much less; however, do consider these factors:

  • In the case of wood, the length of the sticks of molding is as the tree grows. I know that sounds silly, but some sticks of molding may be 8 feet 4 inches long and some may be 12 feet 1 inch long. The sticks of moldings can be left in their original long length (approximately 8 feet to 12 feet) and either shipped motor freight or picked up. But remember the motor freight guerillas!
  • For FedEx shipping we will gather your wood molding order and make one cut of your moldings so that they can be shipped. Unlike aluminum molding, you do not get exact lengths. Tell your salesperson what you want, and your order will be fulfilled plus or minus 10%. 0f course, you will be billed only for what you receive.
  • Also consider that all wood moldings can and do contain minor imperfections (such as knots). They are rare, but they do exist. Another industry standard is to give an allowance of one foot for each imperfection.The imperfection can be in the middle of your 7 foot stick; you, as a framer, must work around these factors.
  • Also consider that when using wide moldings, you will need to use a longer piece of molding to achieve your intended length (because of the miter). When ordering length moldings, the minimum order requirement is 50 feet assorted. You need to order a minimum of 10 feet of each different molding.

In spite of these caveats, purchasing length moldings gives the framer the most flexibility and economy.

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