Mat Board and Foam Board Explanation

Please note:  Mat board must be ordered in increments of 25 sheets or the equivalent of 25 sheets (see chart below). 

We must completely fill the specially designed shipping carton to insure that your mat board arrives to you in the best possible condition.  All 25 sheets do not have to be the same.  Some boards are thicker than others and therefore take up more room.  You may choose different colors and types, even foam board, mounting board and illustration board, as long as the space required is equivalent to 25 sheets.  All boards are 32 x 40 unless otherwise stated.

Material Space Equivalent
2 ply Mat Board 0.5 Sheet
4 ply Mat Board 1 Sheet
6 ply Mat Board 1.5 Sheets
8 ply Mat Board 2 Sheets
Single Thick (ST) Sheets 1 Sheet
Double Thick (DT) Sheets 2 Sheets
Triple Thick (TT) Sheets 3 Sheets
1/8" Foam Board Sheets 2.5 Sheets
3/16" Foam Board Sheets 3 Sheets


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